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Why children need to develop teambuilding skills

Teamwork is everywhere if we think about it; in our workplaces, in our schools and even in our social lives, the world just wouldn’t work without these skills!

The importance of teamwork within children

Our schools are prime examples of where teamwork plays a vital role whether in the classroom or outside in the playing fields. Take, for example, a group of Design and Technology students who have been set the task of designing a prototype. It is likely that some are better in certain areas i.e. mind-mapping than others therefore communication is essential amongst the group to ensure a smooth process start to finish.

However, teamwork doesn’t just exist within the school environment, by a simple kick of a football, children are displaying a whole array of skills. To play a football match in the local playing fields, a team requires communication (to actually get the ball into the net!), trust (trusting one another to pull their weight) and, of course, a positive attitude. If children can master these simple skills early on in life, it can most certainly pave the way to, not only a successful career but to life in general, whether it be contributing to a critical project in the workplace or simply scoring that all important goal!

What we do to help children develop vital teambuilding skills

It is no secret that children learn best when they are having a whole lot of fun, none more so than at a birthday party! By children being faced with a multitude of challenges to overcome, they must work as a team to be successful hence developing vital teambuilding skills.

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"Absolutely brilliant Lego party for a mix of ages. Great communication before the event and all went smoothly. I felt Bret was totally in control and I could be really hands off and just enjoy the kids enjoying the party. Thank you so much for making Otis' 6th birthday party such a hit with all the kids who came :)"
Parent at a birthday party in London
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